We take kids from the classroom
to the boardroom,
starting on day one.

Our program enables kids to show up and compete in fun, real-world business scenarios, with a competence not usually seen until after college. Our groundbreaking business and economics learning platform for kids age 11-17, unlocks advanced concepts helping kids excel in school, business, entrepreneurship, and life.


Our 1-2-Teach approach could not be any easier.


1. Quick Start Video: 15 mins

2. Lesson Prep: 30-60 mins

3. Teach! 

Simply click here to get started! Our program allows you true flexibility in the way you teach. We foster increased collaboration between teachers and students, allowing for natural conversations while accelerating learning in a simple, clear and exciting way.

We bring together real-world scenarios designed to accelerate the adoption of economic principles with engaging visuals, physical samples, activities and videos. Our approach allows for learnings across a variety of academic disciplines. Before you know it, students will be applying thought across Business, Science, Math, STEM, Entrepreneurship, Economics and Technology.

We’re not kidding. We didn’t bring the knowledge DOWN to a kid’s level; we built a smooth, quick, easy path UP to the knowledge. You’ll love treading this path together! Remember how perplexingly complex economics was in college? How boring business was? Not anymore!


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