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Middle School MBA
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 by Peyton Cedars
Very Good

This was a very good curriculum and has helped me understand and learn new things. I understand economics way better after this experience. I recommend this program to anyone who needs help or wants to learn about economics.

 by Audrey
better than best

Middle school MBA is so easy to understand but it challenges you to do your best ,and it is not only for middle schoolers , I'm in fourth grade and I was so excited to find out that I could learn about Poverty ,Scarcity, Capital ,Negotiating ,etc...Yet I'm not even in middle school .This program helped me learn so much ,and I highly recommend it. If I could give it six stars in rating , I would. This is by far the best program to learn business smarts in ,that I have ever seen. For example, "Hot Dogs Anyone?" is a lesson that is fun, funny, and that sets you up for a world of business. Every lesson, every slide teaches you something different every time. It's new ,fun ,and engaging. I wish I could say which lesson is my favorite ,but I have had so much fun in each and every lesson that it is truly impossible to choose between them .If there was a word to describe something better than best I would use it on Middle School MBA !My favorite part of it was making a P and L in Billy Bob's Parts. The moto for Billy Bob's Parts is, "If we don't have it you don't need it!" which basically describes the entire program, if they don't have it you don't need to learn about it .I hope everyone has as much fun as me on Middle School MBA!

 by Adleigh
My Rating of MSMBA

I absolutely love this program, it is something I've never done before, it's new and engaging and it makes learning fun. This program offers very good economic lessons including learning how to negotiate, what capital is, and what scarcity is. I mean those are just some of my favorites. All of these lessons are wonderful and enjoyable.  These techniques and tactics are marvelous, it's shocking how you could pull all of this off.

 by Luke

Middle School MBA is a fun website for all ages. It is super helpful with teaching economic systems. My personal favorite was Hotdogs Anyone?. I liked this game the most because it taught me that people with businesses have to see how much the people are willing to pay for items while the owner can still make a profit. This website is great for kids learning about the economy. Thank you MSMBA!!!!

 by Evan

My favorite lesson was Hotdogs Anyone? Because it has cool images of hotdogs and prices. I think Middle School MBA is the best website to talk about those things.

 by Dessa

How to describe Middle School MBA? Fantastic, uh uh, awesome, no, fantastically awesome, yes! MSMBA has taught me stuff like negotiation tactics, what is capital, what is the invisible hand, etc. etc. (some stuff I had to teach to my parents). Every little bit teaches me about life, businesses, and silly stuff we made up like sewer bread. MSMBA has really become apart of our school, our school wouldn't be the same without it. It has really prepared me and my classmates for life and we thank it for life. THANK YOU!!!!

 by Caden
hot dog enyone

I like that the hot dogs anyone lesson is thinking about what both the chef and the buyers want they both want different prices. The buyers want the price to be free and the chef wants the price to be $10.00. The buyers will buy 5 hot dogs for $6.00 and the chef will produce 5 hot dogs for $6.00 so now they are even. That is why i like middle school MBA. I learned some things I think I never would have never learned by my self. Like i did not know if a business got so meny bad reviews it could get shut down sence nobody goes there they will have no money so they will have to sell there business.

 by James
Middle School MBA Review

I remember the first heard about Middle School MBA I was like what is that? But when I started TOOLS RULE! MARKETS ROCK!! Everything became clear. The game was and still is super fun. And when I started to learn about tools and their characteristics, how they differ from raw materials, the impact of competition, what is it like to be an investor, and in real life, who provides the funds to buy tools. It was amazing. I also remember you talking to me, when we learned about all the tactics such as the Great and Size Up, Take it or Leave It, Delay, Leverage Time, and Understand your Opponent. I thought I did really good at Chit Chat and Anchoring, which I really loved doing. Hot Dog's Anyone? is a great lesson. It's all about market price, Law of demand, and Law of supply. I love the draggy thingies and that you can hover over people to see what price they want for the little hotdog. It's funny how the chef wants $50 for the hotdog and the people only wanted $3. The lessons are so fun, I definitely recommend them. And the best thing of all it is fun for kids and some grown ups. The most fun part for me was the part on factory fun were it kept changing the price and your profit and the actual factors you knew like cost of making each item.

 by Faith March 22 2021
The Perfect Program

Middle School MBA is by far the most AMAZING program in the world. When I first started this program I thought it was going to be impossible to learn about economics, but it wasn't. If teaches me about things things that my mom would never been able to teach me. I hope that whoever uses Middle School MBA has as much fun as much fun as I do. Three cheers for Middle School MBA!

 by Jordan
It's, pretty Fantastic!!

I learned so much from this site! For example the Poverty, Rags, Riches lesson is very good. I learned the secret of human progress, and I hadn't heard a hint of it from 1st through 4th grade !! It is very easy to learn from and very simple. Also you learn High School from it!!! This site is the only one I am learning economics from. I highly recommend this site.

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