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Middle School MBA
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 by Jade
MBA for Southfield School

I loved this class because I was able to learn skills and techniques for future business and just on a daily basis if you don't have a business occupation. It was fun, we learned a lot, and overall a great class!

 by Ellen Stuermannn
he taught us how to negotiate

In Mr Garrett's class we learned how to negotiate. The way he taught us by giving us a sheet of paper with our goal and taught us how to get the best price.

 by Harrison

I liked this because I was able to learn business skills that when I am older I am going to need to know and we learned about stocks and private investors so if one day when I am older i know I am going to invest in stocks.

 by Chayse

i like Mr .Garet class because we got to play on our chromebooks after mba class

 by william

I love that MR.GARET is teaching me thing that I will use when I am older i wish I was still in the class with out him I would not know how to do stocks or write checks or write a letter thanks for teaching me Mr. Garet

 by Thomas
very good

I relay liked MBA because I liked being able to make your own your business and check and rerecorded your own stock

 by LIAM

I really Liked MBA Class After WE GOT things cleared UP

 by Avery
I liked it

Mr.Garret is really nice,and it was fun sometimes but not all the time.

 by Alisha

I ABUSLUTLY LOVE MR. GARRET!!!! i titled this funny bc it was funny! Mr.GARRET was HILARIUS i loved being in hisclass i always had a blast!!! educationaly it was very educational but it was sometimes hard to focus but it was so intresting learning about thing that we will actully use in the future and he made so fun to learn something i didnt think would be interesting!!!

 by Aeden
Fun,but hard

Very good!Got to meet some people learning about MBA.Great teacher.There's challenges and they are hard to complete.

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