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Middle School MBA
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 34 reviews
by Noah on Middle School MBA

This program was quite enjoyable to myself and my piers. I found both the lessons interesting and the activities enjoyable.  But overall I think this is a delightful program that encourages entrepreneurial success

by Ian on Middle School MBA

This program is a great program to use. I liked the hands on activities. This program over all is  fantastic.

by Caleb on Middle School MBA

I loved the Entrepreneurial Arts because one we to learn with you and two we did something new and fun every single day.

by Lily Wilder on Middle School MBA
Amazing for Middle/High Schoolers

I have to say that it was AMAZING. It was easy to understand, made fun to learn, and engaging! I must say that some of my fondest memories of 8th grade were in the Entrepreneurial Arts participating in the activities. I HIGHLY recommend!

by Tanvi D. on Middle School MBA

I loved Middle School MBA! I found it very fun in an educational setting. I learned a lot more a about business and about life.

by Sofia on Middle School MBA

This Economics program was really fun! I feel like it did a good job explaining everything because we got to do lots of hands on activities. It was also a great program because I feel like it really did teach us about stuff in the real world that we will actually use. The only thing I didn't like was it went into too much detail with somethings that were not that important.  In all it was a great program!

by Luke on Middle School MBA
pretty good

This program was great at showing and explaining the processes
in the business world!

by mary on Middle School MBA

I really enjoyed this class. This is something different then what I usually do. I learned a lot from this. My favorite part was the negotiating. One thing that I didn't really like was the was the vocabulary, not the vocabulary in itself, but how the definition was really small. But overall I enjoyed this program.

by Tiffany on Middle School MBA

This class was quite enjoyable. I liked how the students got a chance to do hands on activities after most of the lessons. The only thing that I didn't enjoy was that some of the lessons were given too much attention than they actually needed. Overall great!

by Belinda on Middle School MBA
Pretty rad!

Howdy! This class was pretty fun and enjoyable. It teaches good lessons with activities to go along with them. It offers good lessons on economics and how to negotiate with others. Belinda gives you 4 stars!

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