Summer Camps & After School

$59 for 1 year

25 Lessons / Grade levels: 5th – 10th

Minimum requirements:

  • Reading/math skills: 5th grade
  • Teacher qualifications: Engaged, nothing more
  • Teacher laptop, projector, and internet – No software to download, students need no device

See notes below for more details!

Number of students



1. We’re not personal finance. We’re business, entrepreneurship, and economics (see our infographic). If you’re looking for personal finance, contact us for recommendations.

2. Single student classrooms. MSMBA isn’t a self-taught curriculum. Business and economics are about interactions between people and we like to create those interactions rather than just talk about them. Thus, teachers need to serve variously as facilitator, competitor, conspirator, and sounding board, as opposed the the student working on their own.

3. Full money back, for any reason, up to twelve months after purchase. No fuss, no muss. It’s simple; if you’re not thrilled, we send back your money. (So far, it has never happened. Ever! But you could be the first. Don’t be shy! We believe that we learn as much from failure as success.)

4. Some activities require simple, common materials like pipe cleaners, magnets, corn flakes, water bottles, etc. It’s all easily acquired. Sometimes messy! We want your kids to touch, manipulate, and understand the real world. We’ve carefully designed activities to highlight critical features of that world and allow your kids to experience them.

5. PBL friendly? Yes, the core curriculum is super hands-on and very amenable to extension. Contact us for details.

6. Classical? Absolutely. All learning is connected. We exist to connect a lot of dots for kids.

7. Homeschool groups? Yes, indeed. Parents make great teachers. Contact us for recommendations on single-student programs.

8. Private, Public and Charter Schools? Yes, yes, and yes! Parents love it when their kids come home gushing about MSMBA. Extremely gratifying for teachers.

9. Acton Academy? Definitely. Acton’s grouping of History, Economics, and Government under the heading of “Civilization” is simply perfect. The best entrepreneurs also understand economics, and the best economics you can get is ours. We recommend assigning two of your older heroes to research and present the curriculum to the rest.

10. International Schools? For sure. We grew up in international schools. Business is the true international language. We’re fluent.

11. What about high schools? No problem. We call it Middle School MBA because it’s university-level material and we’ve learned to teach it to kids as young as ten. But it’s totally appropriate for high-schoolers as well. Our teachers always say that MSMBA is hugely educational for them (the teachers) and not at all beneath their mental faculties.

12. What about 4th grade? That’s pushing it. Fifth grade is the youngest we’ve done and they did fine, but for a few of them it was a stretch. That said, we have a pre-school teacher experimenting/adapting some lessons for her kids. But as you go below 5th grade, MSMBA becomes less of a drop-in solution. The teacher has to be versed and creative and intrepid. If you want to experiment with “off-label” applications, contact us and we’ll work something out. Many of these concepts can be taught to very young kids, but we haven’t done much of it and don’t want to sell anyone a pig in a poke.

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