Drs. to Prostitutes

By October 10, 2017 November 22nd, 2017 No Comments

I prefer not to post something this mature but I have to use whatever means I can to combat these unfathomable injustices.  Venezuela has followed the classic pattern, a well-worn road strewn with human wreckage.

Stalin said that a single death is a tragedy while a million deaths is only a statistic.  VE has millions suffering every day; lack of food, lack of medicine, lack of everything, state repression…

One sad barometer of a dead economy is the women who, against every fiber inside them, take up prostitution to feed their families. Just to arrive at that situation they have gone through unimaginable suffering.  But their suffering has only begun.

We’ve watched this story unfold inexorably for a decade – step by step down the worn path.  Price controls, shortages, nationalized industries, inflation, currency controls, political repression.  There are statistics that capture all of these.  But no statistic can measure the suffering and heartache that drives a teacher or doctor to be a prostitute.

Just as women with no better options than prostitution flooded out of eastern Europe into the west after the FSU fell, they are now flooding out of VE into Columbia.  So predicable, so sad, so preventable…

In Venezuela, they were teachers and doctors. To buy food, they became prostitutes.