Defending GenX

By June 25, 2017 No Comments

A lot’s been written about the problems with “Generation X”.  This is another case of over-aggregation leading to a false conclusion.

Sure, there are way too many whiny, self-absorbed, clueless snowflakes.  But while these snowflakes get all the attention there’s a swath of kids in Gens X, Y, and Z that are lightyears ahead of where anybody else has ever been at that age.  These kids are smart, talented, tough, and visionary far beyond their years.  Maybe we should call them stardusted or stardusters.  They are making the most of the tools and knowledge available today, and they are going to rock our world.

Meanwhile, the snowflakes among them will melt away and run off like so many gallons of rain water hitting the storm drain, never to be heard from or thought about again.

So stop letting snowflakes tarnish your view of Gens X, Y, or Zed.  Maybe the distribution is wider today – a greater proportion of attention seeking crybabies on the bottom end – but those on the top end are way out on the top end.  Just a handful of stardusters will overshadow thousands of sniffling snowflakes.

So here’s to these awesome kids coming down the pike!