Cry for Venezuela

By January 1, 2017 February 1st, 2017 No Comments

About two months ago Venezuela announced that the military would take over food distribution. Now there are reports of that military trafficking the food to enrich themselves.

VE is a classic example of a vicious cycle in which the gov’t intervenes in the economy, things get worse, and so the gov’t intervenes even more, making things worse yet.  Rinse and repeat until people are dying wholesale from starvation, upheaval, or suppression.

Sadly, these episodes are completely avoidable.  Whenever some “leader” comes along proposing “bold experiments” run the other way.  All of these experiments have been tried and we have the body count to prove it (USSR, Cambodia, China, Cuba, go down the list.).

Only a market economy can create the wealth needed for humans to flourish.  A market economy requires respect for individuals’ rights and property, thus persecution is minimized.  People around the globe have to stop falling for the “charismatic leader” who claims to know better than the markets.