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My daughter knows things about our business that I didn't even know.
How'd you do that?

A Happy Mom

You are the maestro of
Simplifying the Murky!

- Susie F (teacher)

I was intimidated by the content at first, but then I found out
It was really easy!

- Emily P (teacher)

This isn't secondary level, it's
University material!

- Jim C. (ed-tech leader)

We’re not training workers; we’re
Awakening Entrepreneurs.

John Foster

A solid, integrated understanding of business and economics:

  • How an economy works; its structure and purpose, the roles of labor, capital, natural resources, businesses, and entrepreneurs.
  • The processes within the economy; supply and demand, price discovery, specialization, trade, price signals, opportunity cost.
  • Historical development of markets; Cavemen, Absolutism, Mercantilism, Adam Smith, Free Trade.
  • Business processes; profit maximization, factory optimization, capital expansion decisions, ethics, negotiation, P&L’s, international operations.
  • Funding; source of capital, investment risk, risk/reward ratios, angel investors and venture capitalists, making and evaluating investment pitches, having one’s own money at risk.

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The Good, the Bad, the Scarce (free)

Saddle up for a quick ride to discover Goods, Bads, Scarcity, and how Prices help us cope with it all! Plus, we'll see how Money evolved from Barter!

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